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Art rocker musician singer-songwriter GRICE hails from South London where he sometimes attended Croydon Art College. He started his musical voyage as a percussionist and drummer in a number of bands and later on stepped up as guitarist and frontman of underground post punk band (Cocktail Punks) before moving to a dilapidated Georgian mansion (Swanston House) in deepest darkest Devon. Here he wrote, recorded and performed his songs as The Burning Martyrs, The Martyrs and Swanston before refining his work as a solo artist under the monicker of GRICE.

Since 2012 he has built his reputation with his debut album Propeller which was shortlisted in the MPG Awards. The release of his second album Alexandrine has rewarded him with critical acclaim in left field and progressive art rock circles, plus the opportunity to collaborate on his own terms with instrumental and production luminaries such as Richard Barbieri, Steve Jansen, B J Cole, Raphael Ravenscroft, Hossam Ramzy, Gary Bromham and more. His albums have received highly positive reviews from UK & European press including The Musician, PROG magazine, Eclipsed Rock Magazin and iOPages.

His music has featured on BBC 2, BBC Worldwide, MTV, Sky and he has garnered airplay and support from BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Introducing and digital radio stations all over UK, Europe and USA.
GRICE was recently invited by Tom Robinson on to his BBC Radio 6 Music show (The Tom Robinson show) to talk about the new album, his musical journey and to play a selection of GRICE tracks.

GRICE has performed in select venues over the past years including art centres, theatres and churches, he has supported Banco de Gaia and has appeared on the same bill as Art Brut (State of the Arts event) and Public Service Broadcasting and Baka Beyond (Oktoberfest). In 2013 he made an impromptu stage appearance on the premier performance of the track 'Naked' from 'Not The Weapon but the Hand' with Richard Barbieri & Steve Hogarth (Marillion) at the IB Expo in Sweden. In 2015, GRICE and his band made a whirlwind visit to Berlin to deliver a masterclass and live performance at dBs Music Academy in Friedrichshain ahead of an exclusive gig at the Culture Container. In March 2017 GRICE supported Richard Barbieri as a part of a short UK tour in Birmingham, Exeter and London's Hoxton Hall.

In March 2019 he released his 3rd album ‘One Thousand Birds' recorded at Sound Gallery studios and also recorded, mixed and mastered at Forward Studios in Rome. The album features the unique electronic sonic hand of Richard Barbieri on the title track.

During lockdown, GRICE created a new collection of compositions titled 'one thousand birds symphony' using field recordings of individual birdsong and exquisite choruses inter-laced with arrangements and melodic themes taken from the ‘One Thousand Birds’ album.